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What the hell am I getting myself into?

Now I know you’re probably here because one of your friends told you, “Dude, you gotta get on Paul’s list”.

But seriously, do you really need another email clogging up your inbox?

I mean it’s already filled with half-arsed sales emails, yawn-factory updates, and offers from Nigerian princes.

So what makes the Persuasive Prose Newsletter different?

If you’re anything like me, you guard your email inbox like the secret service.

That’s why with this Newsletter, I will only ever hit send if it’s an email I would actually find valuable.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

“The digital strategy that added $9.9M (yes, it’s ‘M’ for million) for a local business in 12-months.”
“How I helped an online course seller scale from $5.4k/month to over $111k/month in 4 months.”
“How we got a homepage to convert at 14.31% from cold traffic Google Ads.”
“What Ads I ran to pull hot property investor leads off FB for $3.38 a piece.”

(Plus a whole lot more, but you get the idea)

“We launched a Facebook Ad Campaign 10 days ago, which Paul wrote the copy for, and it’s already bringing in over 50 new customers every day with plenty of room to scale.

If you have the opportunity to work with Paul, take it!”

– Lachlan Berry (Onest Health)

A $69 lifetime tool that reveals the exact Ads and Offers your competitors are running.
The simple & proven-in-the-field SEO strategy that doesn’t need a rocket scientist to execute.
Teardown of a $500k+/month live sales funnel (Ads, Pages & Emails).
Fill-in-the-blank revenue generating fast start email templates. 

(Just a tiny taste of the menu)

“Just wanted to let you know that we won the Nespresso contract, AND, Nespresso said that our tender was the most professional they had ever seen. BTW, that was said by the new boss who used to be at Apple!

So, yay, your letter totally rocked it!!”

– Lisa McQueen (CleanCorp)

“Scientists uncover a specific type of message that our brains are literally hard-wired to pay extra close attention to.”
“The simple problem positioning formula that builds trust fast (while unlocking quicker buying decisions).”
“How to (legally) h@ck Amazon for marketing gold.”
“What an unlikely Professor discovered about how people make decisions (it’ll change the way you write forever).”
(There’s soooo much more in store…)

“Working with Paul our results have improved dramatically. The turning point was the Facebook Ads focusing on testimonials and social proof. We’ve grown revenue to over $100k / month.”

– Neil (The horse Whisperer)

Your promise to me

Wait a second Paul… aren’t you supposed to be making the promise to me!?

That’s not how it’s going down sparky. 

Since it’s my list, I get to set the ground rules ;)


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