Variant #1 Is The Winner (24% More Conversions)

Variant #1: Email Subscription.

What can we learn from this test?

Let’s have another look at the creatives side-by-side:

Variant #1: Email Subscription

Variant #2: Tweet to Unlock


Promotions which encourage readers to share socially can be effective campaigns to drive awareness into new audiences. 

And if the offer is compelling, it can have a powerful viral effect. 

However like all marketing campaigns, context matters. 

In this case Unbounce are asking users to tweet that they are taking a ‘Noob’ course. 

Considering that being a ‘Noob’ (‘newbie’ or ‘beginner’) in online circles is considered a derogatory insult, it’s no wonder people were hesitant to share socially!

It would be fascinating to see this same test applied to an offer such as: 

“The Advanced Marketer’s Analytics Masterclass”.

I’d bet the numbers would look different. 

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