Variant #1 Is The Loser (90% Less Sales)

Variant #1: Clean design.

What can we learn from this test?

Let’s have another look at the creatives side-by-side:

Variant #1: Clean design

Variant #2: Incentive offer


According to Wharton, approximately 60% of online retailers cite free shipping with conditions as their most successful marketing tool.

Which stands to reason, since research shows that shipping costs are one of the leading causes of cart abandonment. 

This is a great place to introduce you to a framework I use anytime I’m looking to increase conversions on Ads, Landing Pages or Offers. 

The Probability of Conversion Framework:

C = Probability of Conversion

M = Motivation of the user (i.e. how much does the user care about the removing the problem or achieving the result)

V = Value presented by the offer (i.e. how appealing, exclusive, credible and clear is the Value Proposition)

I = Incentives to take action (i.e. bonuses, limited time savings, etc.)

F = Friction (i.e. giving out personal information, committing to time, spending money)

A = Anxiety (i.e. lack of trust or security) 

Conversion = User Motivation + Value Proposition + Incentives – Friction – Anxiety

This split-test validates the need to both incentivize users to take action AND work to reduce friction. 

Result of this simple change: 

90% increase in orders with a 7.32% increase in AOV!

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