Variant #1 Is The Loser (61.5% Less Sign-Ups)

Variant #1: Text Only Competition.

What can we learn from this test?

Let’s have another look at the creatives side-by-side:

Variant #1: Text Only Competition
Variant #2: Image & Content Offer


“Thirty-two percent of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business,” according to HubSpot. 

Lifestyle imagery is clearly important when it comes to conveying a feeling or emotion (something we NEED to be doing as marketers). 

But what’s more interesting is the offer. 

Here the Danes would rather receive concrete value of running programs in their inbox than a chance to win free products.

This should be an exciting insight if you run an eComm store.

High quality, well positioned content can not only build recognition, educate, and develop trust for your brand…

It can also drive sign-ups and sales.

Best of all:

Once you’ve produced content it keeps working for you 24/7 like your best salesperson (if they never needed sleep or a break!).

Surely better than constantly giving away products and discounts?

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