Variant #2 Is The Winner (107% More Sales)

Variant #2: Focus on trusted seller authenticity.

What can we learn from this test?

Let’s have another look at the creatives side-by-side:

Variant #1: Price Guarantee

Variant #2: Authorized Dealer Badge


As always, bring it back to the customer’s mindset when deciding to purchase. 

In this case, a potential objection is the authenticity of the watches. The trusted seller badge is proven here to effectively reduce the anxiety around making a purchase. 

Remember the conversion formula: C = M + V + I – F – A

C = Probability of Conversion

M = Motivation of the user (i.e. how much does the user care about the removing the problem or achieving the result)

V = Value presented by the offer (i.e. how appealing, exclusive, credible and clear is the Value Proposition)

I = Incentives to take action (i.e. bonuses, limited time savings, etc.)

F = Friction (i.e. giving out personal information, committing to time, spending money)

A = Anxiety (i.e. lack of trust or security) 

Conversion = User Motivation + Value Proposition + Incentives – Friction – Anxiety

This split-test validates the need to reduce anxiety. 

Result of this simple change: 107% increase in sales!

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