Variant #2 Is The Winner (52% More Conversions)

Variant #2: Vertical Call To Action Box.

What can we learn from this test?

Let’s have another look at the creatives side-by-side:

Variant #1: Horizontal Call To Action Box

Variant #2: Vertical Call To Action Box


When it comes to designing for conversion, there’s a very valuable rule known as “The 5 Feet Rule”. 

Here’s how it works: 

Once you’ve designed a page… 

You should be able to take 5 steps back from the screen and still see the main goal of the page. 

In other words, the core Call To Action should stand out above all else, and your eyes should be drawn to it. 

That’s why big buttons, contracting colours, and other design elements that attract our attention need to be implemented on the area of the page where you want the user to take action. 

In this split-test above, the horizontal box blends into the page, where-as the vertical box stands out more. 

How could we use this approach to improve conversions? 

If the background of the Call To Action box was a strong yellow, and the Call To Action button green, I’m confident conversions would increase again.

Thanks for playing Pick The Winner!

So how did you go?

I’ll be tallying up your score in a moment… 

But first: 

I promised to share why this Mini-Game helps get my emails inboxed.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the goal of email marketing is to drive revenue. 

But to do that, your readers need to click on the links in your emails. And in order to have the opportunity to click, your emails need to be opened. 

Here’s the thing: 

Readers can’t open your emails if they’re landing in spam. 

So top priority is to get emails landing in the inbox. 

How does Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and other ESPs judge which emails belong in the inbox vs spam?

There are technical factors, however the holy grail of deliverability comes down to one word: engagement. 


The more engaged readers are with your emails, the more likely the are to receive them.

Next steps

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