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Eyebrow-raising… Button-clicking... Order-Inducing… Marketing copywriting!

Eyebrow-raising… Button-clicking... Order-Inducing…

Marketing copywriting!


You know your product / service / offer is awesome. But you’re not sure how to translate that awesomeness into copy that converts. 

Ready to hire a marketing copywriter that’ll get results? Click right here.

Still need more convincing? On this page you’ll discover why copy is the linchpin for profitable digital marketing, a taste of the results I’ve achieved for other clients, and how to ensure your next copy project is a success. 

But first, why the heck is online copy so important, anyway?

Why do you need to hire the right copywriter?

If your marketing copy is not converting, you’re not selling. Period.

Do you have low click through rates? A high bounce rate? Not enough leads or sales? If so, your copy isn’t getting it done.

A good copywriter writes copy that keeps visitors engaged. Whether it’s through headlines, bullet copy or advanced elements such as social proof & guarantees. 

Great copywriters on the other hand, they know how to make customers feel understood and motivated; so they’re compelled to whip out their card and buy now.

On this page I’ll make the argument (and hopefully convince you) that investing in quality copywriting is the #1 move you can make to improve your marketing results. You’ve been appropriately warned. Let the convincing begin ;)

Let’s get down to business… 👇


I’m a direct response copywriter and marketer with 10+ years in-the-trenches digital marketing experience.

Whether you’re a scrappy start-up or a seasoned brand, conversion-friendly copy paired with direct response campaigns will put more money in the bank.

The business of better marketing copywriting...

What's the difference between 'ok' copy and marketing copy that 'crushes' it?

In a word: results. 

Allow me to explain using a simple example. 

Picture yourself working on a startup where your average sale value is $4,975 / client. 

Here are 2 common website performance scenarios illustrating how copywriting directly impacts your business bottom line. 


Now let’s see what happens when you increase the website conversion rate. Check-out the visitor to lead conversion rate, the number of monthly leads, and then the impact to monthly revenue 🤓


Why is this so so sooo important?

Imagine that your marketing is costing $5k / month. That’s all in for content, social media, advertising, SaaS tools, etc.

Here’s how these scenarios play out…

In scenario #1:

 You’re barely breaking even. 

Maybe not even enough left to pay yourself a modest salary

It’s frustrating, stressful, you feel anxious a lot of the time.

Not sure about your future.

The weight of it all takes a toll on your personal relationships.

Bickering, fights, speak of breakups…

It’s not a good time 🥺

In scenario #2:

 Your Return on Investment (ROI) is sitting at around 10X. 

After delivery costs and paying yourself a (rather handsome) salary, you’re banking a solid $20k / month. 

The business account balance is bulging. 

There’s budget to hire that kick-ass Ops Manager you’ve been dreaming about.  

You and the partner take off to somewhere hot. 

Business class. 

Life is good 😎

“We launched an Ad Campaign 10 days ago, which Paul wrote the copy for, and it’s already bringing in over 50 new customers every day with plenty of room to scale.

If you have the opportunity to work with Paul, take it!!

– Lachlan Berry (Onest Health)

Ready for better converting copy?

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Marketing Copy & Campaigns That

Are Like Putting Your Business

Are Like Putting

Your Business

On God-Mode.

"Lead Generation Funnel Converting 13% Of Cold Traffic Into Enquiries, With $20 to $1 ROI On Google Ad Spend"

Local Lead-Generation



The team wanted to attract families looking for home and bathroom renovations.


User research revealed people were actively searching Google for ‘renovations’ and related terms.


Leveraged Google Ads to drive highly qualified users to a conversion designed landing page. Our Call to Action was a low risk offer, a ‘free renovation consultation’.



👉 High quality design with amazing photos.

👉 Before and after photos, case studies & testimonials.

👉 Clear process and easy to understand.

👉 Low risk offer with next steps clearly laid out.

"24% Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate On Cold Traffic LinkedIn Lead Magnet Ad Campaign"

SaaS Training Platform



Nick wanted to reach large retailers as potential customers of their service. The task was to come up with a B2B digital lead generation campaign.


Retailers are always looking for the next competitive advantage, and technology is growing rapidly in this space.


Developed a white paper focused on how next generation retail training technology can help training managers at retail organisations improve customer experiences.



👉 Highly target offer with a trending topic.

👉 Used LinkedIn’s granular targeting to reach people with specific job titles.

👉 Conversion optimized Landing Page.

"2X Monthly New Enrolments ($9.9M Annual Revenue Uplift) With Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy"​

Multi-Location Digital



Departing from its initial identity of a “boutique” brand, the client wanted a brand evolution to reflect a more sophisticated and professional identity in order to differentiate itself as a premium centre.


To support both immediate enrolment goals and future growth, we needed to develop a digital strategy up to the task. After starting with an audit of their existing digital capabilities, I assessed their competitors across 11 core digital channels. Then delivered a multi-channel 12-month digital strategy linked to measurable KPIs.


Focus on local area marketing (with 17 locations each was incredibly important in Google), with local SEO, citations, content and Google Ads. Support the brand with Facebook Ads. Improve conversions with a website refresh. 



👉 Captured the essence on the brand in the refresh.

👉 Highly effective Google Ads campaigns that focused on phone call conversions. 

👉 Strong local branding presence through Facebook and remarketing ads. 

"27X Revenue Growth With Innovative 'Full Funnel' Social Proof Marketing Strategy Powered Up By Facebook Ads"​

Online Course Seller



Neil was running his own Facebook Ads campaigns, but over the last 2 years his results were steadily declining and cost per new customer acquisition was increasing.


Facebook offers broad targeting options around interests. After researching the options it was clear we could target investment based interests and put this ad in from of the right people.


Set about building Neil a sales funnel that attracted cold audience, re-engaged with his warm audiences and drove sales to the hot audiences.



👉 Conversion optimized sales pages. 

👉 Remarketing & abandon cart campaigns.

👉 Offered the books as a convenient PDF version.

👉 Created NPS feedback campaigns and collected 364 testimonials in 12 months.

"Unheard Of Conversion Rate Of 38.2% Of Visitors Into Leads Using Conversion Opt-In Page, Email & Google Ads"

Consulting Back-End Sales



The team were looking for ways to attract dentists to their professional development training courses.


Keyword research on searches via Google found ‘dental CPD’ was a great, highly relevant opportunity to target.


Developed a Google Ads campaign directing traffic to a highly tailored landing page offering a series of ‘low risk’ free offers (otherwise known as lead magnets).



👉 Highly targeted and relevant to their persona.

👉 Low risk offers made with lead magnets.

👉 Leveraged email marketing to follow up with leads, then engage with the sales team.

"393% Growth In LinkedIn Followers (7k+) Using Expert Thought Leadership Content Marketing Strategy"

HR & Leadership Consulting



Paulette wanted to develop her thought leadership and extend her in-person training programs digitally. She needed a way to build her database, develop her brand and drive enrolments to her programs.


As a HR thought leader and trainer to teams in NAB, ANZ, and other prominent organisations, Paulette knows her stuff when it comes to HR, leadership and culture.


I felt she just needed to share that wisdom via digital channels, recommending a strategy using a weekly email newsletters linked to valuable content lead magnets.



👉 For thought leadership and advice firms, growing a community and continually offering value via content is the #1 strategy.

"Under $100 Cost Per New Client For Financial Advice Firm Using Persona-Targeted Facebook Ads & Opt-In Funnel"​

Financial Services



Damien wanted to generate leads for mortgages and mortgage refinancing using digital marketing.


Challenging Damien and his team to develop a ‘niche’ approach using a dialled-in customer persona helped us create a more relevant campaign.


Targeted people working in medical professions because Damien had great experience with medicos and could offer them tailored service. And they’re also high net wealth individuals!



👉 By selecting a niche (physicians & medical professionals) we were able to cut through the noise by creating a highly relevant offer to our target market.

Paul, enough. I get it. We *gotta* work together.

Great call!

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Paul Giannotti, Persuasive Prose

How important is marketing copy through your Client Acquisition Journey? 🤔

Whether you’re a one man band getting something new off the ground…

Or a business doing a million dollars a month…

Marketing copy drives conversions at virtually every stage of acquisition:

Each stage of your Client Acquisition Journey needs highly effective messaging to maximise conversions.

Math is math.

And numbers do not lie.

Copywriters, however… 👇

Before hiring: 9 questions you need to ask a new website copywriter

No doubt, the best way to find the right copywriter for your website copywriting project is to ask the right questions.

Below I offer 9 key questions to ask a copywriter. I’ve given my answers too, so you’ll have an example to compare against. 

1. “What’s your experience with the industry I’m working in?”

Ideally, although this is usually not a dealbreaker, you’ll select a copywriter who’s already worked in your industry. This can speed up the research phase as they’re already aware of how the industry works, key players, typical sales processes, etc. 

If you’re curious which 30+ industries I’ve worked with, head over to this page and scroll towards the bottom. 

2. “What sort of results have you achieved in my industry already?”

The natural next question then, is whether the copywriter has developed any winning campaigns in your industry. For sure, if I was an eCommerce brand looking for a direct response copywriter I’d ask about campaigns & copy they’ve already produced which have worked. 

Checkout my Growth Stories page for a library of case studies of successful campaigns I’ve developed. If you dig them, make sure to join my Persuasive Prose newsletter (also above). Inside I take deep dives into why these campaigns worked and what we can learn from them. 

3. “Can I see samples of your writing?”

As a client, you’re completely within your rights to ask for copy samples. 

Of course some of what they’ve delivered for other clients may be shielded by an NDA. However they shouldn’t have a problem taking out brand & product names to give you a sense of the quality of their work. 

Want to see some of my samples? I’d be happy to share them with you. Simply scroll to the bottom of these page and request a complimentary 20-minute strategy call and I’ll get back to you asap!

4. “What are your qualifications?”

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of degrees (I have 2). 

In my humble opinion, the best places to learn copy are from the OGs of the industry. Top copywriters obsessively study from leaders who have succeeded before them. Influences such as Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Jay Abraham, Drayton Bird, and more. 

Theses are masters of the craft who were at the top of the game and decided to give back in the form of books, seminars, courses and mentorship. I’ve deeply studied many and been mentored personally too. For a full list of influences read this page.  

And of course, be on the lookout for industry qualifications. Myself, I’m a certified Google Ads & Analytics partner, an Active Campaign agency partner, a Facebook Blueprint partner, I’ve completed several Digital Marketer qualifications, and I regularly invest in training and mentorship (I’m in several top masterminds that have a 5-figure price tag attached). 

Lastly, great copywriters and marketers are students of the market. Always on the lookout for the market’s top campaigns & funnels. The idea to model the best in market (which is already working), then iterate and improve on it.

4. “How long have you been in the field?” 

This is a fair question to get a sense of their experience level. I started writing and split testing copy & landing pages when I kicked off my career back in 2008 managing PPC campaigns in London. 

I began taking my journey into copywriting seriously around 2010 (when was first registered). And I started working professionally as a copywriter in 2014. 

5. “What is your experience & knowledge of marketing in a wider context?”

Of course the deeper and wider their knowledge of marketing in general, the better they can support your business to grow. Ideally, you want a copywriter who understands how to generate leads, maximise Average Order Value (AOV), optimise design for conversions, how to structure Ad Campaigns across your funnel, maximise backend sales value, increase retention, etc. 

As you can see, copy is just one element that fits inside the greater strategic marketing mix.  

6. “Do you have any case studies?”

A great copywriter will share successful campaigns

7. “What type of content do you specialise in?” 

This is a great question to ask to identify your copywriter’s strengths. I also like to ask “What do you love working on?” because having someone work on in an area that lights them up will generally get you a better result. 

For me, my passion lies in email marketing copywriting (for samples, go ahead and join my free newsletter), Advertising Copy (Google, YouTube, & Facebook PPC Ads), Sales Pages & Conversion Pages / Funnels. 

8. “What is your availability?”

A crucial question to avoid disappointment. Especially if you need a copywriter on a regular basis, it’s best to check their availability long term before kicking off a project. 

I’ve you’ve come to this page through a Google Ad, you can assume I have a couple hours per week available right now :) 

9. “What are your rates?”

Different copywriters will offer different rates, and while there’s no set standard, there are rough guidelines.

Here’s an overview from GrowthLab that averaged the rates of around 70 active copywriters:

Now here’s one last critical tip.

As you listen to them answer these questions… 

Pay attention to the questions THEY ask you. 

You already know that the best copywriters are intensely curious, so if they’re not asking a ton of questions about your business, it’s an obvious red flag!

Here’s some of the things they should be asking you: 

– Can you give me a background on your business?

– What makes your business unique? 

– What are your business objectives with this copy? 

– What’s worked & not worked for you in the past? 

– What do you know about your ideal clients and how they make decisions? 

– Have you got any customer reviews / testimonials / case studies I could review? 

– And so on.

 What IF You Could Uncover The Most Profitable Digital Campaigns In Your Market… Before You Put Together Your Next Offer, Brief Your Agency, Or Spend A Single Cent On Advertising?


Everything (you never knew you needed) to know about Paul

A quick extended intro from me, Paul:

“After a Bachelor in Business (Finance) and Masters In Advertising (both of which I’d think long and hard about doing again if you gave me a time machine)… 

I kicked off my professional career in London in 2010 working for a well regarded digital agency. I was managing Google PPC Ad campaigns for Pokerstars, Samsung, and a bunch more.

After a couple cold winters in the UK, I moved back to Australia to thaw out. I spent the next few years working for; managing data & analytics, research & supporting our sales teams with audience insights to get the buy-in for big deals like NAB, ANZ & others.

Needing a new challenge, I joined a small (but powerful) full service digital agency. Working alongside the owner, we 3X’d MRR over the next few years. 

Today my lady Amy (she’s Canadian) and I spend most of the year travelling. I’ve been lucky enough to run the business almost 100% remotely for the last 6 years while travelling and exploring new parts of the world.”

Paul Giannotti, Persuasive Prose

P.S. Ready yet? ;)

“Just wanted to let you know that we won the Nespresso contract, AND, Nespresso said that our tender was the most professional they had ever seen. BTW, that was said by the new boss who used to be at Apple! So, yay, your letter totally rocked it!!”

– Lisa McQueen (CleanCorp)

How to avoid your new copy project going down in a ball of flames.

So you’ve found a copywriter that you’d like to work with.

Now I’d like to share 3 short secrets on how to kick-off your copy project the right way.

Secret #1. Strategy first

Before anyone puts pen to paper, it pays to have your strategic ducks in a row.

Here are some strategic questions you should have answered before you brief your copy. 

— Who are your ideal clients (demographics, psychographics, buying processes, etc.)?

— What is the ideal Client Journey (sales process and journey from learning about your brand… right through to becoming a raving fan)?

For more on this, read my free Copy Crash Course – lesson #4 ‘Client Journey’.

— How will you drive traffic (SEO, Facebook Ads, email, partnerships, YouTube etc.) to your website or offers?

— What’s your lead generating strategy (Lead Magnets and lead-gen offers)?

— What will you do to nurture leads, support sales, and drive back-end Customer Lifetime Value?

— Etc.

Without answering these questions, you could seriously sabotage your new copy project.

Imagine that you own a Saas platform and you briefed a copywriter to write new website copy for you. But you don’t brief anything around your lead-generation strategies.

You may not get back website copy that includes strategic elements to drive leads and trials. It would be a disaster for your business.

For clients with little marketing experience, this is especially risky because there may be a range of strategies and digital marketing requirements that they’re not even aware of.

This is why it pays to work with a copywriter with wider marketing experience.

Secret #2. Quality of the brief

When it comes to hiring creatives, here’s one lesson I wish I learned years earlier:

“The quality of the creative is tightly linked to the quality of the brief”.

What this means is that the clearer you are on the outcome you want, the better the resulting creative will be.

Remember: no-one knows your business like you do. 

So you need to clarify & articulate exactly what you want from the copy. 

But here’s the thing:

As a client, you may not know exactly what your copywriter needs to know.

Which is why I developed my Copy Briefing form to ask you all the questions you never knew you needed to answer.

Secret #3. Feedback early & often

There’s nothing worse (for both copywriter & client) than turning in completed copy and it being way off the mark. 

To avoid this heartache, it pays to build in several feedback touch points throughout the process. 

This allows you as the client to give feedback early and in return, help shape the copy towards what it is that you’re after. 

Here’s a visual guide (a 4 year old could have drawn) to the process I use: 

I always provide a ‘Copy Outline’ prior to writing copy. 

This is done after I’ve completed the research phase. 

At this point, I share my ‘Big Idea’ for each copy piece, along with key Call To Actions (CTAs). 

For example, if I’m writing you an 8-part Email Lead Nurture Welcome Series, I would outline the Big Idea and CTA for each email. 

Depending on the client, we may schedule a call to explain my thought process and strategy, or to ask further questions and dive deeper into strategic considerations. 

Once we’ve both agreed to the strategy, I start writing. 

Also notice the ‘Revisions’ stage is a potentially endless loop. 

Because of my experience and detailed onboarding processes, I’m comfortable offering something few copywriters can:

A 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Meaning that I will continue writing, refining and honing your copy until you’re 100% happy to sign it off.  

What next, dear friend?

Would you like an experienced copywriter to develop winning copy for your website? 

The next step is to request a free 20-minute Strategy Call. 

In this friendly online meeting:

It’s an obligation-free session:

So request your free session today by completing my 2-minute Strategy Call Questionnaire below. 


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