From Trying Almost Everything & Breaking Even At $5,400 / Month… To Breakthrough Scale & One Happy Client Banking $111,000+ / Month...

27X Breakthrough Revenue Growth to $111,000+ / month (In 16 Weeks) For Online Course Seller...

…With quick fixes to 3 digital marketing ‘cardinal sins’.

...With quick fixes to 3 digital marketing 'cardinal sins'.

Inside this case study:

Step-by-step how we scaled online course sales by 2,778% in 4 short months. 


The Challenge


Fixing Cardinal Sins


The Results


What Next?


Hey, my name is Paul. I’m a direct response copywriter and digital marketing consultant. In this case study you’ll discover an innovative approach to increasing online course sales – using quick fixes to 3 common digital marketing ‘cardinal sins’. 

To growing your online sales, 


The Challenge


The Horse Whisperer


Not your typical ‘brick and mortar’ business, Neil runs an online horse training education company.

Neil sells a well-liked book, along with video packages that educate horse owners on how to train their horse.

He sells online to customers worldwide, specifically targeting the US, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Neil was looking for a way to grow his business using modern digital marketing strategies. 



With Neil operating in the info-marketing space, he quickly discovered it’s a highly competitive market.

He had tried almost everything to improve results:

But nothing seemed to make a difference.

(Maybe you’ve tried some of these strategies yourself, only to be disappointed with the results).

reviewing Neil’s approach, it was clear we had to fix…



Fixing Cardinal Sins

Not asking for customer feedback

Despite having happy customers and a popular Facebook group, I discovered that customers weren’t being asked for feedback. 

First order of business: fix this problem

Customer feedback & review system

We put in place an automated system to ask customers to rate their purchase.

Customers were asked via email to rate the product 30 days after their purchase, then leave a full review (getting approval to use as a testimonial in Neil’s marketing).

Automated system for customer feedback:

To increase website sales conversion rate:

Not using testimonials on website

A review of Neil’s Facebook Ad funnel found that the product pages (where the advertising traffic was being directed) featured just a handful of customer testimonials. 

Boost social proof on website

Redesigned product pages and sales funnel to aggressively feature customer praise.

On some pages, featuring a wall of social proof with overwhelming praise from over 200 satisfied customers. On other pages, such as the checkout pages, opted to feature the very best reviews.

Not using social proof in ads

Despite Neil spending between $500-$1,000 per day on Facebook Ads, he hadn’t tested social proof based Ads.

Run social proof facebook ads

Set about testing a range of Facebook Ads using his best reviews from happy clients. 

In addition, implemented a unique targeting strategy to have happy customers to share more praise in the comments of the Ad.

This winning (yet incredibly simple) ad is responsible for huge revenue growth!

after fixing these cardinal sins…



The Results

"27X Breakthrough Revenue Growth From $5,400/m... To $111,900/m In 4 Months."



“We’ve grown revenue to over $100k / month.

“Our results have improved dramatically. The turning point was focusing on testimonials and using social proof based Facebook Ad campaigns. We’ve grown revenue to over $100k / month.


The Horse Whisperer


What Next?


"Can These Social Proof Strategies Improve My Digital Marketing Results?"

Dear Business Builder, 

At this point you may be wondering whether these praise-based strategies can help grow your business. 

The good news is: 

This approach has already proven to benefit more than just online sellers, coaches, consultants and eCommerce businesses:

“Reviews are key to our success, providing brand acknowledgement and giving customers the confidence to purchase.” – Kelly Montague, Stephen Einhorn

I’ve been able to further grow my business and accurately pinpoint areas I need to work harder on.” – James Goolnik, Bow Lane Dental

We’re so busy now! That’s 100% down to the fact that we’re more visible on Google and our customers saying that we’re doing a good job.” – Piotr Matysiak, Mavericks Man

Things went from strength to strength. We have really grown from a small business to a medium business.” – Louis Verrico, Director, ACE Rent A Van

It’s clear: 

Leveraging praise at all stages of your marketing funnel will prove to be a critical strategy to compete effectively in 2022.

Here’s why:

Online platforms (looking at you, Google and Facebook) are heavily saturated with advertising. 

Think of Facebook – how many Ads do you see every single day? 

Now let me ask you: 

Who are you more likely to believe – a company telling you how great they are? Or someone else who’s like you, telling you how great a company is?

Obviously we trust a neutral third party more. 

Which is exactly why online reviews are so popular on platforms like Amazon, Google and Trip Advisor. 

However the plot thickens.

Today, both Facebook and Google employ an army of AI algorithms to determine who sees which Ads. 

(And which businesses are visible to prospective customers).

Don’t make the algorithms happy?

Guess what…

No eyeballs.

No clicks.

No customers.

No revenue. 

Now this may sound wildly unfair.

And potentially a little scary.

But there is a silver lining.

If you know what the algorithms want…

You understand how to almost guarantee your success.

Here’s what you need to know:

These algorithms are developed specifically to deliver the… 

‘Best possible user experience’. 

To do that, they are heavily influenced by how other users interact with your brand.

These are some of the metrics their models use:

The fact is:

If you’re not satisfying these algorithms by producing Ads, Campaigns & Pages that excel in these metrics… 

Any campaign you launch in the future will be an uphill battle. 

But there is a solution:

I call it Full Funnel Praise.

Full Funnel Praise means to leverage customer praise at every stage of your customer’s experience:

Even researchers are proving this dynamic to be true:

Are you ready to boost your digital marketing results?

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10+ years ‘in the trenches’ digital marketing experience. Spanning campaigns for Fortune 100 clients at leading digital agencies, to helping small businesses grow using scrappy digital marketing strategies.

Originally born in Melbourne, Australia. Fortunate today to be semi-nomadic and live around the world. Current timezone: GMT+7.


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